Color and texture of clothes


Change the color of a blouse, turn a one-color dress into a lovely spotted piece of clothing, change the material of a suit (its color and texture) - all is possible with the plug-in AKVIS Decorator.

  1. Open the photo in your photo editor.

  2. Select the catsuit of the girl using any selection tool. In Adobe Photoshop we can use the Magnetic Lasso tool.

  3. Call the plug-in AKVIS Decorator.

  4. First of all select a suitable texture from the Texture Library. For this purpose open the Texture Library with a double click of the left mouse button on the square with a texture. We select the Fabric group from the groups tree and choose a delicate rosy pattern.

  5. We will not change the parameters of the pattern (rotation angle, scale, color). Press the button to apply the chosen texture to the suit. In a few seconds you will see the result in the After tab.

  6. The rosy texture looks a bit flat. We can give the picture a natural look if we make the folds on the suit more pronounced. For this purpose we increase the value of the parameter Deepness and press the button again.

  7. Apply the result by pressing the button . The plug-in's window will close and we will see Britney Spears in a new attire.